What's Happening

Recurring Weekly Events


    8:45 AM, Adult Sunday School

  10:30 AM, Worship Service

    (Children's Programming provided)

    1st Sunday -- Communion

    4th Sunday -- Sharing Sunday


  7:30 PM, AA


  12:00 PM, Bible Study


  5:00 PM, Body Life (2nd Weds.)

  7:00 PM, Deacons (3rd Weds.)


  8:30 AM, Roadside cleanup (2nd &

                          4th Sat.)

 10:00 AM, Zoom Coffee Hour

  8:30 PM, PATH food pickup

                         (3rd Sat.)

29th of most months, Transition


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What Else Goes On Here?

Stop by and have a picnic in the park, enjoy one of the many recitals that local music teachers hold in our building, come to a concert, enroll your children or grandchildren in our amazing nursery school - Goleta Valley Nursery School, participate in study groups, enjoy fellowship, volunteer in meaningful community service, experience God's presence in worship... there's almost always something going on.