We've had a few people reach out to us, wondering what is happening with Cambridge Drive Concerts... here's where we are.

The contagion appeared just as we were getting ready to book the next season so we did not book any acts except a Scottish singer who was planning a US tour.  Needless to say, her tour was cancelled and as the virus continued its march, we didn't book any other acts.  The talk among touring acts and among folk who book venues with touring acts is that full scale touring is unlikely until fall of 2021.  So, we were left with the series likely suspended through the 20/21 season.


Then another change presented itself.  Roy has decided to retire as of October 1.  He did about 90% of the work related to the series with his spouse, Cheryl, doing most of the rest.  It is unclear whether the church has anyone with the skills or the interest in continuing the series.  Given the current situation, that is low on their list of priorities.  They, like all of the institutions in our society, are working to make their way through this crazy time. They will also be doing a search for Roy's replacement as pastor (a process which generally takes a year or more in our denomination and will require considerable energy from the leaders of the church).


So... it is unclear whether the series will be back.


Thank you for your support over the years.  We have had a wonderful run and have experienced some music that was simply sublime.  It was more than worth the time and energy we expended.


Please, know that many of those wonderful musicians we've presented over the years are having a very difficult time.  Many of them receive their primary livelihood via touring and have had that income disappear.  If you have an act or two that really touched you, consider supporting them.  Buy CDs for yourself or as presents.  Many artists are giving virtual concerts online.  Attend and give.  Some of the artists have Patreon accounts and receive small monthly donations from fans... think about adding one or two to your monthly benevolence budget so that they will be able to survive these difficult times and be ready to hit the road when things calm down. Even small donations add up and can make a real difference.  When concerts begin again, support them.  There is nothing like live music.

Some artists we've presented in the past...


Perla Batalla

Burns & Kristy

Pat Donohue

Jen Hajj

Jill Knight

Buddy Mondlock


Owen Plant


Teresa Tudury

John Zipperer & Friends


and LOTS of other wonderful performers.

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